Experienced Representation When Legal Issues Affect Your Family

The attorneys of Thomson & Weintraub, LLC, have represented clients in family law matters for over 70 years. With offices located in historic downtown Bloomington, our family law attorneys serve people throughout Central Illinois who face legal issues that affect their families.

Our practice includes matters such as prenuptial agreements, child custody, guardianship, paternity, visitation, child support, adoption, surrogacy contracts and juvenile law. Regardless of the matter at hand, our firm strives to obtain optimal results for our clients, both by settlement and through contested litigation.


We handle all aspects of divorce, from determination of child custody and visitation to child support, alimony, and division of property and debt. We can guide you through an uncontested or contested divorce, providing candid advice at each step of the way.

Allocation of Parenting Responsibilities & Parenting Time

When families face legal matters involving the time parents spend with their children, talking with an experienced family law attorney often gives them the knowledge necessary to make the right choices about how to proceed. Serving the Greater Bloomington-Normal area, the lawyers at Thomson & Weintraub, LLC, provide exceptional legal representation to clients in allocation of parenting responsibilities and parenting time (child custody and visitation) matters related to divorce, determination of paternity or modification of existing court orders.

Child Support

In Bloomington and Normal, like elsewhere in Illinois, attorneys calculate child support according to set statutory guidelines. The calculation may seem straightforward but, for many families, it can be more complex than anticipated. Moreover, there are numerous appellate court decisions that interpret the statutory guidelines, providing trial judges and parties additional guidance on how to calculate child support. All families — especially high-income families, families with non-custodial parents who are self-employed, or parents of children with special needs — benefit from speaking with an attorney before making decisions that affect child support.


Lawyers at Thomson & Weintraub, LLC, represent clients in both related adoptions and unrelated adoptions. Related adoptions include stepparent adoptions, relative adoptions and co-parent adoptions. Unrelated adoptions include international re-adoptions, agency, private and foster parent adoptions. We will ensure that matters are resolved smoothly and efficiently.


It is essential to hire an experienced attorney because each paternity case is unique. Accordingly, the attorneys at Thomson & Weintraub, LLC, represent mothers and fathers in paternity motions and related matters. Many people do not realize that the law applies differently to children born outside of marriage. It is often necessary for parents to go to court to enforce responsibilities and protect their rights.


Attorneys Gina Wood and Kathleen Kraft are also trained family law mediators, both having received their training through Northwestern University and approved by the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in 2005. Firm believers in resolving divorce and family law matters as peacefully, expeditiously, and cost effectively as possible, Katy and Gina devote substantial time to mediating both parenting agreements and financial issues for parties seeking a more amicable approach to their issues.

Juvenile Law

Our firm handles a broad spectrum of juvenile law matters such as abuse, neglect and dependency, truancy and guardianship.

Contact Us For Personalized Service

At Thomson & Weintraub, LLC, personal service is our hallmark. Your family law case will be handled personally by an experienced attorney and not by a paralegal or legal assistant. To schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced Bloomington family law lawyer, contact our Bloomington, Illinois, law firm toll free at 309-807-1308.